Other Services



Whether it’s a repair or a custom built fence VIP has just what you need to see your project through. We specialize in wood, iron, steel, chain, barbed, and electric. We also can install your gates to be wired and open electronically.


The department of energy has your best interest in hand with standards suggested annually. The normal thickness of insulation needed in your home is between 19-20" or blown in insulation which represents a R-49 rating. Ask your VIP representative about energy rebates that may be available to you.

Gutters, Downspouts & Water Management

Most homeowners don’t look at the perimeter of there home unless there is a problem. Chances are it’s after it’s a big problem. You can prevent that by adding a solution to managing the water coming off of your roof line by adding gutters and downspouts. Ask your VIP representative about French drains as well.