Residential Roofing in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex

  • We work with well known brands and the highest quality products to ensure your roof is protected by the best.

    VIP Roofing uses new sealed packaged materials on the worksite, giving customers the peace of mind that they have only the best. Satisfaction in the complete roofing system and experience is our goal. And we're pleased to be the company you recommend to your family, friends and neighbors in the future.

  • Did you know an important element to your roof project is ventilation?

    It's true. Proper roof ventilation will protect your home from future, costly repairs. Adequate roof ventilation reduces cooling bills, extends shingle life, and prevents roof rot and ice dams in winter. Your VIP Roofing representative will show you just what your home needs to ventilate properly so that you receive the maximum lifespan for your roof.

  • Consider MetalVIP Roofing for your home.

    It offers roof certificates, annual roof check-ups, and performs maintenance on your roof through your VIP 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Seal.

  • We offer a VIP 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Seal - a Homeowner's Roof Warranty.

    After a complete inspection of your homes roof, our experts will offer you a home warranty seal. The seal is good for a period of time known as a term. The VIP seal offers VIP treatment and priority status. Many of our customers prefer having this as an annual occurrence and assures that your home is inspected and functioning as it should be.

We Specialize in These Types of Roofs

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  • Composition

    Composition, 80% of homes in Texas are roofed with this easy to install product.  There are a multitude of shingle manufacturers and each requires its own way of installing to its own specifications in order for the manufacturers warranty to be valid. By upgrading to thicker laminate impact resistant shingles the homeowner can usually count on receiving a premium discount(s) on there homeowners policy.

  • Clay/Slate/Tile, Concrete

    Clay/Slate/Tile, Concrete, 5% of homes in Texas are roofed with these types of roofing products. It takes a very skilled laborer to install these type of roofs and each have strict installation specifications. Check with your carrier to verify if your home would qualify for premium discount(s) on your homeowners policy.

  • Metal, Stone Coated

    Metal, Stone Coated,  10% Of homes and growing percentages in Texas are roofed with these types of high-end and usually last time to replace or first and only roofs to install. Greatest take away is its sleekness and straight lines. A benefit to having this type of roof is premium discount(s) on your homeowners policy.

  • Solar

    Solar. Less than 3% but growing in numbers are the rarity of solar shingles. With more and more consumers looking for ways to save money and improve there homes energy costs this product offers those consumers just that and helps the environment while doing so. A benefit to having this type of roof is premium discount(s) on your homeowners policy.

  • Wood Shake Shingles

    Wood Shake Shingles, less than 2% of Texas homes have wood shake shingles due to there known fire starting capabilities. Most insurance carriers actually will not insure homes with this type of roof covering and there are only a hand few left out there that have the shake shingles still attached to the home-but covered with a composition shingle as an overlay.